GP Led Development & 3PD and the future for GP premises

WPCS have always advised Practices who are considering a move to new premises to consider all the risks. There are risks in moving but there are also risks in staying put particularly in premises that are rundown, costly and no longer fit for purpose. In this ever-changing world of the modern NHS this advice has never been more timely. There are risks of course in moving and uncertainty about the future but with CQC inspections around the corner putting off a move may not be a valid option.

Many GP practices are now considering other options in respect of developing new
premises. 3PD is not a new route but still popular and developers are still
progressing these projects. Pharmacies are increasingly taking extra space in
order to have a Practice on board and terms can be very reasonable due to the
benefit to the Pharmacy. In addition GPs are also buying land and carrying out
their own developments – there are risks involved and it will be time consuming
but the benefits if successful could be high particularly where you have space
for a pharmacy in the building.

In all of these potential scenarios it is key to be aware of the risks involved. While it
is not possible to completely eliminate risk having the benefit of advisors
with experience of a wide range of developments whether 3PD or GP/Pharmacy led
is invaluable.

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